An Introduction
  • The term ‘sports’ for many of us, Indians, is nothing more than a past-time, a key to fitness, and above all, a means of leisure. But how many of us think that we can make a career out of sports? According to a popular survey, only one out of ten people believe aspire to be a sportsman and want to make a career out of it. Such as been the condition of sports in this country. While a majority of us are cricket aficionados, not many are interested in following or taking other sports in a serious way.

    We, at, want to change all this and bring a revolution that will change the situation of sports once and for all. Given that our country has 125 crore population and counting, we can surely do a lot more when it comes to sports and creating awareness in the sports world. It is only this way we can create a positive impact in the global arena.

    In India, politics has a say in almost everything. Sport is no different. One of the major reasons why sports is not taken seriously and why enough sportspeople have not emerged from their shadows is because of the role politics plays in it. The effect politics has on sports in India has been such that, leaving aside cricket; no other sport has taken major strides in the recent years.

    This is why has taken birth. Our platform is one-of-a-kind and has been designed and developed to promote sports and sports people at all levels. Whether you’re a talented sportsperson with an excellent track record or aspire to be one, we are the platform you can count on. In choosing our platform, you can easily live your dreams and make a life out of it!

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